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Argo/XTI & Centaur Sales, Rental & Service
We are a full service authorized Argo, XTI, & Centaur dealership providing vehicle, parts, & accessories sales. We provide full service repair & maintenance services as well as rent Argo/Centaur amphibious UTV's. If you are looking for a quality UTV for extreme offroad performance an Argo, XTI or Centaur is the answer to your needs. We offer extreme terrain rental solutions utilizing Argo XTI's or Centaur's for maximum efficiency of operations, for your business, in difficult to access or environmental sensitive areas. Don't have an operator for your rental or want an expert to take you to your needed location: We can provide the Argo XTI or Centaur, truck, trailer & operator to safely take your crew to your work location.  

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Centaur is the ideal work machine:
  • All Weather, All Terrain
  • Steel frame construction 
(drill, weld, adapt)
  • Versatility
  • Turbo Diesel engine
  • 1500 pound carrying capacity
  • Commercial use
  • Stability
  • Low cost to operate
  • Solid Investment
  • Low Environmental Impact
The Argo/Centaur advantage!

Uses include:
  • EMS, Search & Rescue 
  • Oil & Natural Gas
  • Private or Public Utilities
  • Farm or Ranch
  • Grooming- Ski Resorts
  • Weed Control
  • Your unique use here                            
Argo HDI for work or play:
  • All Weather, All Terrain
  • Fully amphibious
  • 6 passengers
  • 1150 pound carrying capacity
  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Low cost to operate
  • Go anywhere 
  • Solid Investment
  • Low Environmental Impact
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New Color "OLIVE GREY"
New Seat Design
New 12 Volt with USB

2015 Argo 750 HDi 

Low Speed-High Torque Transmission, Heavy Duty Belt, Alternator Kit, Bilge Pump, Brake Light and Front & Rear Receiver Winch Kit


 $1000 Accessories Credit